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ntl creates broadband awards for unsung web heroes

# 31 August 2004, 22:46 by Frank

Subscrber-only website Brand Republic today informed its readers that ntl is to introduce the Best of British Broadband awards to honour the creators of websites that help, entertain or support others.

The awards have 14 categories, including the Best Music Site and the Best Charity Site, and will be judged by a panel led by Capital FM DJ Neil Fox. The judges will draw up a shortlist of six websites for each category and the winners will be announced in October.

According to Revolution Magazine, ntl has created a site to enable the public to vote for their favourite sites. How exactly the awards will be decided is currently unclear because there is a panel of judges and a voting website.

Our favourite director, Bill “Cap” Goodland, commenting on the awards, said: “We hope everyone will use this opportunity to reward those unsung internet heroes in our communities who help others without personal reward.”

Whether Cable Forum qualifies as an “unsung hero” in Bill’s book remains to be seen.

Many thanks to Cable Forum member Ramrod for pointing out this story.

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