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ntl in for long haul on system upgrades

# 26 August 2004, 18:21 by Frank

ntl are to start another phase of their “Harmony” system integration project tonight at 8:00pm, which will last for five days. During this time, Internet customers will be unable to make any changes to their services.
The upgrade project, known internally as “Harmony”, is a long term integration project for ntl’s billing and provisioning services.

According to ntl, it continues until the end of 2004, and will means two further instances when service will be restricted, although there are no dates yet.

On ntl’s Service Status website they have written:

In order to further improve our service to our customers we will be carrying out work on our systems between 8pm Friday 27th August and Wednesday 1st September.

If you need to make any changes your service, such as add an additional email address, ntl have said that this must be done before 26th August or after 1st Sept. You can find Member services under Your Account at ntlworld.com

During this upgrade ntl Internet Support Centres will have limited access to your account on their computer systems, and it is doubtful whether they will be able to make any changes for you. Full service will be restored to them on the afternoon of 1st September, the same time as you’ll have access.

As usual, ntl “would like to apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause”.

Thanks for forum member monkeybreath for making us aware of this.

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