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Telewest's Record Broadband Growth Quarter

# 30 July 2004, 14:16 by Cable Forum

Telewest saw an increase in broadband sign-ups in their second quarter of 2004. The first quarter saw 51,000 new broadband subscriptions, compared to second quarter seeing a record 72,000 new broadband subscribers.

This could be due to the fact that also during the second quarter, Telewest upgraded three of its top speeds at no extra cost to the customer. Although Telewest says that the launch of its 256K service seems to have been the reason for the record increase.

Cob Stenham, chairman of Telewest Global, Inc said: “This is the last set of results for Telewest Communications plc, the predecessor company of Telewest Global, Inc prior to the completion of its financial restructuring on 15 July, 2004. They show continued good operating performance with growth in customers and revenue generating units.”

He also goes on to say, “As a result of the financial restructuring, Telewest now has a strong balance sheet and a sound platform for delivering profitable growth as a leading broadband communications and media group in the United Kingdom,”.

As of June 30th 2004, Telewest had 538,000 broadband internet subscribers.

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