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NTL Broadband Speed Upgrades Begin

# 28 July 2004, 11:08 by Cable Forum

Some of our members on ntl broadband are reporting that they appear to have received the speed upgrades. The first area or part of the area, that seems to have had their speeds upped first is Manchester, there are some still in Manchester reporting that they are on the same speed.

One of our forum members now on the new 750K speed, Vegeta – was the first to report that they appeared to be on the newer speeds, “I’m in the Manchester area and my STB just restarted on its own so I looked at my download speeds and they are above 80”.

Another of our forum members, Rone – reports that they are now on the 1.5MB speed, ntl’s fastest connection, “Seems it just happened overnight If it works ok i,m a happy bunny. So far so good.”

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