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NTL Price Increases Coming Soon

# 27 July 2004, 11:06 by Cable Forum

Our sources have confirmed that ntl will be raising the price of their Digital TV service and there will be an increase on ntl’s telephone call features, prices are expected to rise in September this year.

The TV price increases are probably due to the fact that Sky have recently announced price increases on their subscriptions to £1 for premium packages, ntl may apply the same increase.

Here is a summary of the Telephone features price changes:-

  • Call Waiting and Voicemail £1.75 Each Per Month. (Currently £1.50)
  • The ntl 6p talk plan changes to 5p talk plan, and will cost £1 less to match BT’s option 1 plan. Customers on this plan will be charged 5p for a 60 minute call, BT customers are currently charged 5.5p on the BT option 1 plan.
  • Bundled Telephone features will cost £3.50 Per Month (Currently £3)

NTL raised their prices only in June this year, so these new increases will probably cause some customers to feel angry.

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