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NTL 2004/2005 Premiership Offer

# 21 July 2004, 10:50 by Nemesis

Another Exclusive from the Cable Forum Team.

NTL are about to announce a new Premiership TV offer that means you can watch all 50 of the season’s games at £1.00 each !!!

The deal is open to NTL Digital customers only and the offer ends on 31st August 2004 … so get in quick.

NTL cannot offer a Season Ticket as a one off payment, so .. customers will actually pay £5 per month from August 2004 – May 2005.
Customers will be advised that by signing up to the PremPlus offer they are agreeing to pay for the entire season. If they disconnect the service before the season is over they will still be liable for the remaining cost.
Sky customers will have the same offer. However, they will have to pay for their season ticket in one up-front payment. They do not offer their customers the chance to split the cost across the season. If they disconnect their service they will not get a refund.
The associate offer is the same as the customer offer – 50 exclusive, live PremPlus matches for just £50.
PremPlus is not discountable at all.

More details can be found here.

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