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NTL Broadband Upgrade Dates

# 14 July 2004, 11:58 by Nemesis

You heard it here first!

Information from a trusted internal NTL source has given the following dates for the NTL Broadband Upgrades.

SACM (Stand Alone Cable Modem)

150/600/1 Meg Start 1st August

STB (Set Top Box)

150/600 Start 1st August
1 Meg Start 1st September

The Bromley platform is ready to handle the upgrades, however there are some Langley areas that require some work, this being the case, the dates may slip slightly, whilst the network is brought up to speed.

A summary of the current and what the new upgraded speeds will be, are as follows:-

  • ntl 150Kbps increases to 300Kbps
  • ntl 600Kbps increases to 750Kbps
  • ntl 1Mbps increases to 1.5Mbps

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