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Telewest Re-vamp Base Channels

# 5 July 2004, 14:22 by Nemesis

Telewest Broadband is to re-vamp its digital TV packages in July, in a bid to win over disillusioned satellite viewers. Telewest are also beginning a new marketing campaign targetting specifically Sky premium channel subscribers. All of this ahead of the Sky price increases this summer.

The aim is to show a 25% saving on the Telewest Essential TV pack over the equivalent offereing from Sky. Customers are expected to save over £5/month.

Telewest’s other TV packages are also expected to change.

The Starter pack will be changed to include the five most popular digital TV channels in the UK.

The mid-tier Essential pack will now include the top fifteen.

The campaign will run through July and August using posters, radio and mailshots.

Are NTL going to follow ?

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