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ntl outsources BB tech support to IBM

# 18 June 2004, 16:32 by Frank

On Wednesday, forum member 50420 posted on our forum that ntl was going to be outsourcing their Swansea-based broadband technical support staff to IBM as part of an outsourcing deal between the two companies.

ntl have now confirmed to The Register that this is indeed correct, and the transition will occur in September under TUPE rules. TUPE means that existing tech support staff should keep their jobs and their employment will be transferred to either IBM, or to HR agency Manpower. ntl said yesterday that they do not “anticipate that there will be any compulsory redundancies as a result of today’s announcement.”

In 2001, ntl signed a $2billion “strategic outsourcing deal” with IBM to provide IT services and support, which has been dogged by problems from the beginning.

ntl customers are also not particularly impressed and have been voicing their opinions on our forum:

The same thing happened to most of the people in my sister-in-laws IT department in BAE Systems. Ended up costing BAE more for its IT support after making the IT department a separate company, than it did when it was ‘inhouse’.

Another said:

Same happened where i work. Outsource to IBM, then the IBM contract was cancelled because they were pathetic. Now its outsourced to another provider.

ntl director Peter Wilcock said “Achieving customer service excellence is vital to ntl and we believe that by outsourcing this specialist function to IBM we will be better placed to meet the needs of our broadband customers.”

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