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40K Telewest customers without e-mail

# 14 June 2004, 22:50 by Frank

On Monday, after a cock-up with overnight maintenance by Telewest Broadband, forty thousand of Telewest’s 750K Internet customers were without their e-mail for around 12 hours.

Those hit were unable to access their emails or address lists. However, Telewest quickly restored email to all its users by the middle of Friday afternoon.

Chad Raube, director of internet services for Telewest Broadband, took the time to personally respond to the problem on popular IT news website The Register.

“Approximately 40,000 customers may have experienced problems accessing their blueyonder inbox on Friday, due to unforeseen issues with platform maintenance the night before,” he said.

“Email services were restored by 3pm on Friday afternoon, but historical data was temporarily unavailable over the weekend and is being restored on a rolling basis today. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

In comparison, ntl’s last e-mail outage on 12th June 2004 lasted two days, according to their recently redesigned service status page, and was accompanied by their usual drone-like update.

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