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UKTV Channels Set to RETURN to Virgin Media TV Platform

# 11 August 2018, 11:01 by Cable Forum

BREAKING: Virgin Media announced a short time ago that ALL of the UKTV Channels that were pulled from the Digital TV Service, are set to return over the coming days and that the channels that “sort of” replaced them are staying where they are too.

This is from Virgin Media’s annoucement:

Good News! You can now enjoy all UKTV channels and loads more.
A big UKTV fan? Well, we’ve got great news for you.

All of your favourite UKTV channels are coming back to your Virgin TV service over the next few days.

So you can go back to enjoying programming from the likes of Dave, Gold, Alibi and Yesterday. These channels include UKTV originals such as Taskmaster, Judge Romesh, and Emma Willis: Delivering Babies, premiere US acquisitions like Quantico, Harrow and Carter, and the very best of the archive from BBC, ITV, C4 and more.

And that’s not all.

HD programmes are coming your way too, with Dave HD and Gold HD added to the Virgin Media’s Mix bundle and above.

We’re also increasing our on-demand programming by more than five times, including more hours of catch-up and significantly more boxsets for Virgin Media’s Full House bundle customers.

All this awesome stuff will be on the Virgin TV Go app as well, so you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime.

On top of all of this, all the channels we added in place of the UKTV channels such as YourTV, True Entertainment and the Paramount Network, will be staying on, so you get even more included in your package now.

We understand that this must’ve been quite frustrating for you and we’re really sorry. But now UKTV isn’t only back, it’s now bigger and better than ever.

Happy watching!

UKTV said in a statement that they were happy to have “kissed and made up” with Virgin Media and they were overwhelmed with the suggestions from many, for them to reach a deal with Virgin Media.

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