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TiVo is the most widely used set top box among European cable networks

# 14 March 2014, 14:28 by Chris T

There are now 2.5 million TiVo boxes in homes across Europe, according to figures released by major Cablecos including Virgin Media.

The UK is by far the biggest European market for the advanced set-top box, with well over 2 million VM subscribers installed.

There are a further 65,000 TiVos on the ONO network in Spain and more than 38,000 connected to the Com Hem cable service in Sweden.

“What we do is hard. There are definitely other large operators that have taken it upon themselves to develop the operation. Five years ago it was about PVR and now it is about Multiscreen. No other platform or set-top that has Netflix available – the bar has been raised,” said TiVi Vice President David Sandford in an interview with Broadband TV News.

Virgin Media’s TiVo user base currently accounts for just shy of half its cable TV customers. It signed up its 2 millionth TiVo customers, Chris and Leigh Lynch, of Manchester, last month.

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