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No UK comeback for Blockbuster

# 7 March 2014, 10:22 by Chris T

Crash Entertainment will not be opening Blockbuster stores on any UK High Streets, Virgin Media will not be hosting any Blockbuster-branded video-on-demand services on its network and Dish Networks, which owns the Blockbuster brand, has not entered into any licensing agreements.

That’s the blunt truth which has come hard on the heels of reports late last month that the venerable High Street video rental chain was about to be resurrected from the dead by the company which runs internet radio station Jack FM.

The question left hanging in the air now is, how did the story come out in the first place? No internet rumours here; Jack FM actually issued a press release to the effect that it had licensed the brand, made a deal with Virgin Media and planned to re-brand its own Crash high street stores and then open additional ones, all under the familiar Blcokbuster name. That press release even included a quote attributed to Dish Networks’ CEO, Joe Clayton.

But Dish, which bought the brand after the business plunged into administration for the second time in early 2013, has now scotched the story with a press release of its own, stating in an official announcement, “Contrary to media reports, Dish Network Corporation and Blockbuster L.L.C. have not entered into any licensing agreements for the Blockbuster brand in the U.K., nor has it made any statements on the subject.”

VM has also confirmed that it has not made any deals with Blockbuster. And now, Jack FM has gone silent and has not responded to various enquiries from the news media for an update on this story.

Answers on a postcard, please.

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