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Inclusive calls to 08 numbers on Virgin Mobile's 30-day rolling contract

# 13 February 2014, 15:28 by Chris T

Virgin Mobile is looking for ways of increasing its number of contract subscribers with a series of new offers and deals due to roll out during 2014.

It has already unveiled its first effort – an £18-a-month SIM-only deal, on a 30-day rolling contract, which includes unlimited calls to selected non-geographic 08 numbers, such as the ones beloved of call centres everywhere.

Virgin’s Director of Mobile, Jamie Heywood, said: “The customer demand has always been for simple, truly unlimited allowances, and at a time when the rest of the networks have been moving away from unlimited, we’ve been pushing them even further with 08 calling.”

Virgin Media is targeting its Mobile efforts at customers who already take one or more of its cable services, he added.

Heywood remained tight-lipped on what the next big deal might be.

The 08 numbers included in this deal are 0800, 0808, 0845 and 0870.

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