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Cable Forum Champions ALL ISPs to Crack Down on Internet Trolls Once and for Good

# 8 August 2013, 15:23 by Cable Forum

With recent events in the news about a young teenage girl committing suicide because of evil taunts on the internet site, Ask.fm. We strongly urge all ISPs to crack down on internet abusers, also known as Trolls. The majority of all ISPs, including Virgin Media, have their own acceptable use policy which forbids someone to abuse others whilst using that ISPs connection to access the internet. But it does not go far enough.

There needs to be a system in place, a central database which registers the details of the internet troll or abuser. At the moment, if a user is reported to their ISP, a person can be thrown off their Internet service provider and just open an account with another provider and carry on with their abusive online behaviour.

There needs to be a vetting procedure which prevents someone from accessing the internet completely via any means, whether it be via connection via the computer, even as far as banning internet on mobile phones or Tablet PC’s, if a name is on that register then a ban means a ban.

The Government also needs to alter and or change legislation in cases of online abuse. The current Data Protection act prevents the sharing of information of customers from one source to another third party. This law needs to be changed for offenders details to be shared across the board of every ISP.

A few weeks ago, Caroline Criado-Perez had become a target by an internet user, when she campaigned for book author Jane Austen to appear on the back of a £10 note, she subsequently received threats of rape via twitter and the user was arrested. Twitter was then urged to include a report button for every tweet made on the site in a bid to protect all it’s users.

More recently, a 14 year old girl, committed suicide after receiving evil taunts on internet site, Ask.fm.

Our own site, Cableforum.co.uk takes a hardline against anyone who abuses the site and its users. Every post has a report button and the moderating team takes every report seriously. Serious offenders are reported to their Acceptable Use teams at their ISP and we will forward any serious complaints to the Police.

The fundamental route cause of Internet trolls, is that the abusers or bullies have this perception that they cannot be touched and that they can hide behind a computer. This mindset needs to be changed, that should someone log on the internet and start abusing others that their actions have consequences.

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