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Virgin Media Change Traffic Management Hours

# 15 February 2013, 14:18 by cfteam

The evening download Virgin Media traffic management period will now expire at 10:00pm instead of 9:00pm. Upload restriction timings are unchanged at 9:00pm. The data thresholds do not alter, nor does the duration of the restriction, so Virgin Media claim the same number of people would be affected.

This changed restriction from Virgin Media comes only a short while after rival BT indicated it would be offering truly unlimited use broadband products (both ADSL and Fibre based), free of caps or other management.

According to the Virgin Media Community Forum Announcement, the excuses for this amended policy are an increased use of tablets and streaming services so users no longer log off at 9:00pm with downstream traffic continuing until later, rather than watching conventional TV before the go to bed.

In the meantime Virgin Media are also undertaking other trials for changes in Traffic Management. That hints at further restrictions to come.

Virgin Media Traffic Management Policies.

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