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Broadband is Totally Unlimited at BT

# 1 February 2013, 12:41 by cfteam

From today, BT retail will be offering totally unlimited broadband on all but their entry level products. The services will be free of data limits or speed throttling. BT are also reducing some charges.

Excluding the additional costs of phone line rental the BT unlimited broadband services will be available from £16 a month for 16Mbps copper broadband, £23 for 38Mbps Infinity or £26 for 76Mbps Infinity. These are of course the “up to” speeds. Discounts apply to new customers. Existing customers can switch provided they sign to a new contract.

As a bonus BT are also offering a free cloud storage service. 50GB is available to the top tier copper and infinity subscribers.

In a side swipe at Sky, who’s rate of new customer signups has caused some problems, John Petter, BT Consumer Division’s managing director said

Customers told us that they wanted to be able to enjoy catch-up TV, streamed films and other bandwidth-eating applications without having to worry about going over their limit or being slowed down by their ISP.
Unlike Sky, we’re extremely confident that our network can stand up to the extra bandwidth demands from totally unlimited products everywhere across the UK.

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