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BT's WiFi Boom

# 7 January 2013, 10:22 by cfteam

BT are claiming that usage of their WiFi hotspots has significantly increased over the last year, with a particular spike on Christmas Day and New Years Eve. BT have the largest network in the UK with currently over 4.5million WiFi hotspots.

On New Years Eve, there was an 88% increase in unique users with a 138% increase in the number of sessions (the period in which someone is online). This years must have gift appears to have been a tablet or other mobile device as Christmas Day saw a 407% rise in WiFi minutes coupled with 289% increases in sessions, some 4.7 per user against a yearly average of 3.4.

Over the year the trend for WiFi has been steadily increasing. Year on Year stats show a 260% increase in data megabytes coupled with a 317% increase in online minutes.

BT’s WiFi Hotspots are available for all to login, and are free and unlimited to their broadband users. Thousands of businesses and millions of homes now provide connectivity, in addition to major brand locations such as John Lewis, Starbucks, Thistle Hotels and Hilton. The provision of hotspots has increased by some 40% during the last year.

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