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BT to Reduce FTTP Charges

# 6 December 2012, 12:25 by cfteam

The Openreach wholesale monthly charge for BT’s Fibre to the Premises broadband product will be reduced from June 2013 by some 37% to £38. This will apply over the whole of the BT Fibre network, not just the few currently FTTP exchanges, as it will include the new Fibre to the Premises on Demand (FoD) products being launched next spring.

ISPs (or in BT language Communication Providers), including BT retail will of course add their own administration charges to this amount.

At first glance the new rate may seem attractive to some high end home consumers. In reality Openreach envisage the product being more suited to business and similar users as there will be wholesale charges including a £500 installation fee, and construction costs predicted to average around £1,000 based on average distances between exchange and property of 500m.

FTTP can offer speeds of 330Mbps downstream and 30Mbps upstream. This compares to the maximum FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) Infinity services of 80Mbps downstream.

Mike Galvin, Managing Director NGA, Openreach, has said:

Our fibre plans are going very well. Our deployment is one of the fastest in the world and our services are proving very popular with the public. It is now time for us to focus further on FTTP and I am pleased to say that we are making it more affordable than ever.

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