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Virgin Media to raise their prices yet again

# 19 November 2012, 14:32 by Cable Forum

It won’t even be 12 months since the last increase but come February 1st 2013, Virgin Media will be raising their prices, again! It was only April this year, they raised their prices and here they are again raising their prices and quite substantially, we are not talking the usual £1 or £2 extra per month. One customer on our forum has said their bill will rise by a staggering £13 per month.

I myself have received a letter which states an increase of over £4 extra per month. The letter doesn’t explain itself very well and even Virgin Media admit in the letter ‘It’s never nice when prices go up…’. No, It’s not Virgin Media and certainly not twice in less than 12 months.

There is no breakdown of where exactly the prices are increasing leaving some customers to ring in and question this.

As I come to the end of the letter, I come to the apparent ‘Sweetener’. Virgin Media say it is only going to get better and that Virgin Media have got lots of exciting new services up their sleeves. So in other words, we got a guaranteed price increase for some new services that may or may not come.

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