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SmartCall: Virgin Media's Converged Calling System

# 5 November 2012, 07:24 by cfteam

In a UK first, Virgin Media are launching their Smartcall app for smartphones. This enables customers to take advantage of WiFi and make calls through their landline home phones. The customer will thus be able to take advantage of their home tariff package from their mobile.

The Smartcall system will allow customers to make unlimited calls through the WiFi within the customers virgin media landline talk plan. A key benefit could be it’s use to avoid overseas roaming charges, by simply finding that elusive WiFi connection.

Graeme Oxby, Virgin Media’s executive director of mobile and home phone has said

“SmartCall will stretch the home telephone cord all the way to wherever you might be, whether in a coffee shop in Cornwall or on a beach in Bali. All you need is a home phone from us, a smartphone and a WiFi connection.”

Although initial details have been announced, it isn’t yet clear which smartphones will be compatible (the website suggests android and iphones). The system is understood to have been trialled and is ready for release to “exclusive customers”. A general roll out should begin next year over the coming months. Customers should register their interest.

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