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Virgin Media Big Up Their PAYG Data Tariffs

# 1 November 2012, 11:35 by cfteam

Virgin Media’s latest big idea is an unlimited data Pay As You Go mobile tariff with option for unlimited texts. At the time of writing, Virgin Media claim the deal will be “market leading” compared to other comparable PAYG deals.

For £10 per month you’ll get unlimited data, 300 texts and £10 worth of “airtime”. Airtime being the use of your mobile for phone calls charged at the standard mobile rates. For £15 a month, you get unlimited data and text, and £15 worth of airtime. Full tariff details are here.

The bigged up press release from Virgin Media suggests that there is increasing use of smartphones on PAYG tarrifs. Their own statistics show a 100% increase in data use over the last year. Smartphone handset PAYG purchases are up to 40% from 20% in the same period. They also indicate that Ofcom have seen a similar increase in use, especially from the teenage market, where PAYG is necessary given contract restrictions.

Virgin Media consider that many users have been dissuaded from PAYG as previously unlimited data and text packages have typically been the remit of pay monthly contracts. We wait to see how consumers react.

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