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London Underground to Get Virgin Media Wi-Fi

# 15 March 2012, 12:55 by cfteam

In a partnership with London Underground, Virgin Media will be providing Wi-Fi at up to 120 stations by the end of 2012. This will include a number of deep bore platforms. The system will not extend into the tunnels.

The system will become available from July 2012, at 80 stations, in time for the Olympics. Initially this will proivide free, unlimited access, for the public. After the initial period, the system will offer pay-as you-go services, with Virgin Media’s broadband and mobile users will retaining access as part of their subscription.

All passengers will have ready access to travel information after the free service period ends. It is this ability to provide access to live travel information for London’s transport network users that is seen as a major benefit by the Underground’s management.

The Wi-Fi network will funded by the commercial contract awarded to Virgin Media. It will not cost the fare payiing passenger or tax-payer to install or maintain. The press releases do not yet detail which of the 270 Underground network stations are included in the initial installation, or whether all stations will eventually be connected.

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