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Virgin Media’s 2011 Results – Statistics and More Statistics

# 8 February 2012, 06:42 by cfteam

Virgin Media have released their financial statements for 2011 which shows encouraging take up of new services. The much promoted TiVo gained 12% of the TV customer base at 435,000. There is also a growing demand for faster broadband services and mobile phone services. However there are only 5,000 more cable based customers than at the end of 2010 with a loss of many off net customers. Achieving more revenue from existing customers seems to be the way forward and for the first time the company achieved a positive net income balance for the year.

At the end of December 2011 there were just over 4.8 million residential cable customers and just under 250,000 off net residential subscribers. Over 3.75 million customers took TV services and over 4.1 million had cable broadband. There were over 1.5 million mobile phone subscribers. Almost 200,000 customers have 50Mb or 100Mb broadband with over 1.2million taking 20meg or higher speeds. But this contrasts with a potential of 10million households that could be serviced with 100Mb suggesting perhaps that the race to faster speed availability isn’t yet matched by consumer demand.

TV services have proven popular with TiVo uptake doubling in the last quarter and overall subscriptions rising by around 137,000 for the year. The Free “M” tier user base has dropped to 18% of the TV user base.
Although mobile phone subscribers increased by over 100,000 in the last quarter, revenues fell as the prepay sector declined combined with the impact of some regulation changes. 15% of the cable customer base had at least one mobile phone contract.

Virgin Media’s Business division has also seen growth with a 6.8% revenue increase in the year.

We also have some insights into viewiing patterns on the Virgin Media systems. Details include an impressive 1billion On Demand viewings over the year up 14% on 2010 or some 490million hours of content. Coronation Street is the most popular catch up show with Vampire Diaries the most demanded complete series. On demand is now watched more than any channel except BBC1 or ITV1. TiVo has promoted activity with over 88% of customer searches for content outside of the BARB’s top 50. An average of 90 shows are stored on customer’s TiVo split equally between the system’s suggestions, and subscriber recordings. But perhaps these stats indicate best the unique benefits of Virgin Media’s TV platform with the downstream and upstream linkage allowing them to really snoop on their subscribers.

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