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ntl:home claims 1m broadband customers

# 4 March 2004, 18:47 by Frank

ntl:home today announced that over one million UK homes are enjoying the benefits of its “high quality broadband internet services”.

The company announced at the Financial Times New Media & Broadcasting Conference today that it had become the first UK ISP to reach this milestone.

BT Retail is not far behind with its latest stats showing around 950,000 ADSL customers signed up to its BT Broadband and BT Yahoo! services. Who knows – BT may even already have 1million broadband customers, not to mention ntl’s claim that their 150Kbps is broadband.

Last year, figures seen by The Register showed that half of ntl’s broadband customer base consisted of 128Kbps connections just three times the speed of a dial-up service, which is hardly impressive.

Commenting on the news, Simon Duffy said: “ntl continues to be the driving force behind the growth of broadband in the UK. We are proud to be the first ISP to have over one million homes connected to broadband and believe that the quality of our service sets the standard in the UK. We have rapidly become the European standard bearer for broadband cable.”

Unfortunately a lot of customers would disagree with the claim that the “quality of our [ntl’s] service sets the standard in the UK”. But because they are in the minority they are not important, as we have found out.

ntl trumpeted in their press release: “To celebrate reaching this milestone and to start the push towards ntl’s second million, the company has launched its ‘One in a Million’ campaign offering new customers free installation, one month’s free high speed surfing and three month’s free access to its award-winning premium content service, Broadband Plus.”

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