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Virgin Media aims to boost corporate business

# 12 December 2011, 14:06 by Chris T

Virgin Media has simplified its business broadband offerings in an attempt to grab a bigger slice of the UK corporate market.

The telco lags behind BT and Cable & Wireless in the UK’s lucrative business broadband market.

But it reckons its new packages, offering unlimited data transfers at flat rates, could be just the ticket as it aims to poach market share.

The big selling point in this approach, the company argues, is that it removes the need for network managers to jump from tier to tier as their businesses become ever-more bandwidth hungry.

According to research conducted by Virgin Media, trying to gauge how much data a business will need to send over its networks in the months ahead, and then trying to buy the right broadband package – avoiding the pitfalls of buying too much capacity, or paying excess charges later for having not bought enough – is a regular headache for businesses.

VM will now offer just three packages, offering three levels of bandwidth at three price points.

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