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Sky takes a pop at TiVo

# 26 October 2011, 08:06 by Chris T

Sky boss Jeremy Darroch used the satellite broadcaster’s latest financial results presentation to try to play down the threat posed to his business by Virgin Media’s TiVo set-top box.

Darroch dismissed the TiVo box as “some technical gizmo” and claimed that his company’s Sky+HD box is “the best TV product in the marketplace by some way.”

The TiVo has attracted high praise from reviewers and users since it began appearing in subscribers’ homes late last year.

But Darroch told investors these were just the opinions of “some gadget magazine” and insisted that the realm of simplicity, ease of use and the overall customer experience, the Sky+HD box is superior.

“The Sky+ box remains very successful and I’m very pleased with it,” he insisted.

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