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Ofcom survey reveals spread of superfast broadband

# 8 August 2011, 06:20 by Chris T

British consumers are adopting superfast broadband at a rapid rate, according to a new survey by Ofcom.

The UK’s telecoms regulator says 500,000 homes have subscribed to a service speed of 30Mb or higher since 2010.

That means there are five times as many superfast broadband customers now than there were just 12 months ago.

And Ofcom’s findings suggest that most of those customers – 80% of them, in fact – are satisfied with their service.

Network expansions by both Virgin Media and rival BT mean that 57% of British homes now have a superfast service available to them.

Meanwhile, internet connectivity – of any speed – continues to spread. 75% of British homes now have a connection, compared to 25% in 2000. But there are wide variations across age groups, with 90% of adults aged 35-44 online at home compared to just 26% of those aged over 75.

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