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Virgin Media & Sky push for glasses-free 3DTV

# 23 May 2011, 07:11 by Chris T

Virgin Media and Sky are pushing manufacturers to press ahead with the development of affordable, glasses-free 3DTV equipment.

In a rare moment of harmony, both media companies told last week’s 3D TV World Forum that the technology won’t go mainstream until the two main barriers to its uptake are resolved.

But Sony has publicly disagreed with that position, claiming that current 3D TV systems are not too expensive and pointing out that some 125,000 units have been sold in the UK in the 10 months since they were launched – presumably to people who don’t mind wearing the glasses that come with them.

The technology to throw an image onto a screen that the viewer can perceive as 3D, without the aid of glasses, does exist, but is so far under-developed as a means of delivering 3DTV to a living room.

So-called ‘Parallax Barrier’ 3D is employed by the handheld Nintendo 3DS games console but it is not effective on large screens as the viewer must remain very still for the 3D to be effective.

Lenticular 3D, meanwhile, uses a series of small lenses on the screen to direct two images independently to the left and right eye and is far more promising as a mainstream, glasses-free 3DTV technology.

Sky’s Director of 3D, John Cassy, said: “We are not a TV manufacturer, but glasses free would be a great boost for the industry.”

Read more at HDTVORG.co.uk.

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