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Branson: TiVo is a "weapon" against Sky

# 10 March 2011, 19:05 by Chris T

Sir Richard Branson believes the new TiVo-powered Virgin Media set top boxes are a weapon the cableco can use to tempt thousands of subscribers away from arch-rival Sky.

In an interview today with Tech Radar, Branson said: “I think that it is fantastic.

“There’s numerous things one can do and I think that we have finally got a weapon that can give Sky a run for their money.

“We may well get thousands of people switching over from Sky to Virgin; it’s a weapon that we’ve got that they can never develop which obviously gives us a bit of an advantage.”

Virgin Media plans to launch a major marketing push for the TiVo box once more of them are deployed in customer homes.

Meantime, Branson has been left wondering whether he should sell his Carribean paradise Necker Island and move to the Isle of Wight, so he can have a Virgin Media TiVo box of his own.

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