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Virgin Media Confirm 30Mb Broadband

# 1 February 2011, 15:05 by cfteam

Virgin Media have today confirmed their XL package cable broadband service will be upgraded by 50% from a 20Mb download to 30Mb download speed. Cable Forum correctly forecast this move a couple of weeks ago.

There will also be an upgrade to the XL upload speeds, although the availability of this is dependent on other network upgrades being rolled out over 2011. 20Mb services after the network changes would have a 2Mb upstream, which will become 3Mb upstream for the 30Mb XL services.

The monthly price for the faster service has also dropped slightly from £20.00 to £18.50 per month, assuming that a customer also has a Virgin Media phone service (currently £12.24). Whilst this is a saving for customers on a standard tarrif package, those that have older or non standard discounts may have to relinquish those discounts to access the upgrade.

Cable broadband subscribers will need the new Virgin Media SuperHub to replace their existing cable modem. The SuperHub is a combined DOCSIS 3.0 modem and router offering gigabit wired connections and dual band “n” wireless. There is a one off charge of £30.00 for this.

Cable Forum understands that customers who already have a SuperHub are expected to be automatically upgraded to the new speed over the next couple of months.

Customers can request their upgrade from this link. http://shop.virginmedia.com/existing-customers/customer-offers/upgrade-to-faster-broadband.html

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