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Virgin Media lets slip its 30Mb plans

# 15 January 2011, 10:52 by Chris T

Virgin Media is poised to announce a free upgrade for all its 20Mb broadband internet customers to a new 30Mb service tier.

The plans, which have been subject to intense speculation for months, were accidentally leaked yesterday when the ISP started updating terms and conditions published on many of its web pages.

Under the heading “The Legal Stuff”, in a section explaining which customers can get a free Superhub router, comes the giveaway text: “Free Virgin Media Superhub for XL and XXL: Available to all new Broadband customers taking our Size: XL, Size: XXL and Size:100 Broadband services, and to existing customers upgrading to 30Mb, 50Mb and 100Mb broadband (subject to status and credit checks).”

An insider yesterday confirmed that Virgin Media’s new service tier will replace the 20Mb offering and will come with a 3Mb upload speed. It has been in the planning for some time, he added.

He declined to give a launch date, although several other sources have suggested an official announcement may come within a week.

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