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Virgin Media launches malware defence campaign

# 16 August 2010, 14:08 by Cable Forum

Virgin Media have said in a press release today that they intend to take a proactive stance to protect its customers from the growing threat of ‘Malware’. Malware infections can compromise a computers security by installing Viruses, Spyware and Trojans, which can allow a hacker to steal Credit Card information and other personal data stored on the computer. According to Virgin Media’s Digital Home Support team, a quarter of customers asking for help, had computer or speed issues caused by malware infections.

When a personal computer becomes infected by malware, it can be quite troublesome because it causes malicious computer activities, it can also include online crime such as fraud or the distribution of illegal material.

Some malware infected computers can be used to send spam email without the owner’s knowledge, stealing personal data and logging keystrokes, such as passwords and Credit Card data.

Virgin Media have said today that in order to help address these growing threats, Virgin Media state that they will be working with a number of independent, non-for-profit organisations, which include those representing the financial and security sectors, these organisations are constantly monitoring the spread of these viruses around the net. These groups, such as ‘The Shadowserver Foundation’, are run by volunteers who are internet professionals that can alert ISPs to home connections that might be infected to help minimise the impact of malware attacks on individuals, businesses and governments.

Virgin Media’s own Internet Security team will be trialling an education campaign, they will be writing to customers whose computers are reported as showing signs of infection. Each reported infected customer will be contacted via a letter which will explain free ways to scan computers and help remove viruses. Customers will also be given contact details of Virgin Media Digital Home Support, which will offer a complete virus removal service, using the latest remote control technology.

Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media said:

“Malware doesn’t just affect computers – it can affect lives. It’s time for ISPs to go beyond the basics and do whatever they can to help protect their customers from this growing problem. Customers may think they are protected, but with the ease by which malware can infect a computer – even just by visiting a innocent-looking website – we’re going to do whatever we can to help defend our customers from serious consequences such as identity theft, and even banking fraud.

We’re writing to customers we’ve been told may be infected by malware, encouraging them to check their computers have an up to date security package, such as Virgin Media Security, and offering advice on simple and free ways to disinfect their computer. For those who need a little bit more help we also have our fee-based Digital Home Support service which fixes problems using the latest cutting edge remote control technology.”

Virgin Media has stated in today’s press release that it regards its role as a responsible ISP, and takes this role seriously and will be exploring more ways to help protect its customers from malware.

Customers can download a free PC Healthcheck utility and find out more about Virgin Media Digital Home Support at www.virginmedia.com/dhs. For further information on Virgin Media Security, visit www.virginmedia.com/security.

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