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Virgin Media to Launch Flagship 100Mb by end of 2010

# 25 February 2010, 14:24 by Cable Forum

Virgin Media have announced today it would begin the roll-out of a 100Mb broadband service, they will be able to stake the claim that it will be the fastest available commercial product in the UK, by the end of 2010. Virgin Media state that the new speed tier is designed for the very “tech-savvy” and that it will be up to 24 times the average speed provided by other ISPs.

From the announcement: “The 100Mb service will allow users to download a music album in as little as 5 seconds, an hour long TV show in 31 seconds and an HD movie in 7 minutes 25 seconds. This is significantly faster than the time it would take a person using the fastest speeds on offer from competitors (Based on a 24Mb connection) where a music album could be downloaded on average in 1 minute 15 seconds, an hour long TV show in 7 minutes 18 seconds and an HD movie in 1 hour 44 minutes.”

Virgin Media has also stated in the announcement that it is to extend its 200Mb pilot to Coventry. The 200Mb pilot, which began in May 2009 in Kent, is the focus on future technologies and applications, such as home teleconferencing and downloading HD programmes on-demand, which Virgin Media state that they are likely to need fast speeds.

Commenting on this announcement, Virgin Media’s chief executive officer, Neil Berkett, said:

“There is nothing we can’t do with our fibre optic cable network, and the upcoming launch of our flagship 100Mb service will give our customers the ultimate broadband experience. Just as we led the way by launching the UK’s first ever next generation service, we want to keep giving our customers the very best broadband available, by investing in technological innovation and transforming the experience they have when they are online. The launch of Virgin Media’s 100Mb service will be a historic moment and will mean the UK will be comparable to other leading broadband nations.”

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