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Virgin to trial filesharing monitoring system

# 26 November 2009, 10:59 by stuart

Is “Phorm” coming back?

In a move that is sure to provoke debate, Virgin are to try a system for monitoring illegal filesharing.

They stress that the data will be anonymised, because they are apparently interested in the overall level of illegal file sharing, rather than who is doing it..

The technology to do this is being provided by a subsidiary of BAe systems (Detica), and is branded CView. It is a form of Deep Packet Inspection technology

VM plan to try the system on 40% of the network, but have not said which 40%, and will not be informing consumers as this will affect the results..

If this sounds a little familiar, there is a good reason. Deep Packet Inspection is the technology that would have powered Phorm.

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