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NTL E-mail service failure is 'complex'

# 19 May 2004, 18:02 by Cable Forum

This week has seen ntl’s email service suffer quite badly, with problems such as broadband and dialup internet customers, not being able to receive or send e-mail’s, but this is nothing new and to some customers they have given up on the reliability of ntl’s e-mail service, which provides 15 mail boxes to each customer.

A spokesman from ntl has spoken to The Register and said ‘two servers have gone titsup resulting in a “complex failure”.

However ntl’s e-mail service has been having problems since last year with customers getting incorrect password prompts, when they know full well they have used the correct password.

An ntl customer basically sums it up on our forum who says: ‘This is disgraceful !!! All their servers deserve to be set alight and burned to the ground as they are as useful as a chocolate tea pot.’

Read comments from angry customers:-

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