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Virgin partners with Google for reliable e-mail

# 15 April 2009, 11:06 by Frank

Virgin Media is to start offering enhanced email services to its four million home broadband customers in partnership with Google. The standard size 7GB of storage space will be available to subscribers on all Virgin domains, including a new domain added of virginmedia.com.

Virgin Media’s new email service will be one of the largest deployments of Google Partner Edition Apps, which is also available to anyone free with your own domain name (you have to buy your domain name).

As well as greater storage, the new platform offers Virgin customers advanced email search, the ability to stay up to date with emails via their mobiles, anti-virus, spam and phishing filters and up to 10 virginmedia.com email addresses for each household. Google’s e-mail platform has suffered a few isolated outages, although Virgin customers are already suggesting on our forum that it will be more reliable than Virgin’s historically unreliable e-mail service.

Available to all of Virgin Media’s home broadband customers, the enhanced services will be piloted by the first 20,000 new customers to sign up from today, with full launch to all new customers shortly after. Existing customers will then be migrated across to the new service at no extra cost and will be able to keep their existing blueyonder.co.uk, ntlworld.com or virgin.net email addresses or choose to sign up for new virginmedia.com email addresses.

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