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Virgin Media denies throttling P2P.

# 23 June 2008, 14:29 by stuart

Virgin Media has denied claims made on this site that it is throttling P2P traffic.

Virgin have rubbished claims made by the user TraxData, on this forum that they are experimenting with throttling P2P on their network.

Virgin Media had approached us today with the following statement:

“Virgin Media has an open and transparent traffic management policy listed at www.virginmedia.com/traffic. Our policy does not discriminate internet traffic by application and we have no plans to do so. Whilst we do use equipment from Allot within parts of our cable network, this is used to build usage metrics and does not affect customers’ service in any way. It is certainly not used to do any form of packet shaping or change internet traffic priorities.”

Virgin Media had stated the same thing to The Register, after they picked up on the claim made by Traxdata, on our forum.

The spokesman also noted that the equipment in question is installed in the ex-NTL part of the network.

In this thread, TraxData alleged “[Application throttling] is, as far as one is aware going to be used for both in and out of peak hours for whoever they see “fit” as a heavy user… [It] is to be deployed across the VM network fully sometime either third quarter 2008 or first quarter 2009.”

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