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Virgin Media loses CD containing 3000 customer banking details

# 20 June 2008, 18:56 by Cable Forum

Data loss seems to be happening all over the place and yet Virgin Media has fallen foul to the demons that is, CD’s which contain sensitive banking information being lost. Apparently, customers who signed up in the Carphone Warehouse stores across the nation during January this year, appear to be affected. Virgin Media is said to be conducting its own inquiries and insists it’s ‘outside policy’ for such data to be transferred to CD in such a manner and this is a ‘isolated’ incident.

Virgin Media is said to have contacted the Information Commissioners office for advice and is part way of contacting all customers affected in this latest incident of data loss.

It’s not something that can be shrugged off easy, this will be very embarrasing for Virgin Media.

It was once believed that even if banking details got into the wrong hands, nothing could be done to compromise any accounts. That isn’t the case as it may seem anymore, if people can recall, it was only recently when Television presenter of Top Gear, and newspaper columnist for The Sun newspaper, Jeremy Clarkson – He was forced to eat his own words when he tried to dumb down data loss when 25 million people’s personal details on two computer discs got lost. He published his very own bank account and sort code in, The Sun newspaper, in an attempt to prove the story was a fuss about nothing. He said to readers “All you’ll be able to do with them is put money into my account. Not take it out. Honestly, I’ve never known such a palaver about nothing,”

Clarkson admitted that he was “wrong” after he discovered a reader had used the details he published to create a £500 direct debit to the charity Diabetes UK.

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