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Virgin Media to co-operate with BPI in campaign against illegal downloads

# 6 June 2008, 15:18 by stuart

Virgin and BPI are to “educate” people about piracy. They will not ban users (yet), but may start soon.

Virgin Media is to start a campaign in conjuction with the British Phonographic Industry to “educate” people who download illegally.

Currently, they will not follow the “Three Strikes” process (although undoubtedly this will come), so customers will not get disconnected.

Instead, if they detect illegal downloads on a specific account, the account holder will get two letters. One from Virgin, and one from the BPI. Virgin will handle the distribution of both letters, so will not be passing any personal details on to the BPI.

The letters will include advice on preventing account misuse, and warnings about possible viruses/trojans on P2P networks. The trial will run for around 2 months (although this is apparently flexible)

It is unknown what will happen if the letters are persistantly ignored.

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