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Wrestlemania Fans let down by Virgin Media technical live feed glitch

# 31 March 2008, 12:21 by Cable Forum

A large core group of Wrestlemania fans were disappointed in the early hours of this morning. Due to a technical fault, many Virgin Media TV customers, who subscribed to the Pay per view event, lost out on viewing the live show. For the most part of the event, customers just saw a blank screen.

Apparently the event is being repeated again today on channel 0. Customers who have phoned up Virgin Media to complain have been given full refunds.

Although customers who phoned up to complain, are getting their money back, many had taken the day off work to watch the event, some customers had even organised a party to watch the event.

We have contacted Virgin Media for an explanation on the issue. Will post any response as soon as I get one.

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