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Anger as Virgin Mobile inform customers via Text that they are to cease rollover minutes and texts

# 28 March 2008, 13:01 by Cable Forum

Virgin Mobile have angered a lot of its mobile customers today has they have announced via a Text message, that they will be stopping the rolling over of unused minutes/texts into the next month. From 28th April 2008, any unused minutes or texts will be lost.

As I write this I am currently sitting in a telephone queue, waiting to speak to Virgin Mobile about this sudden change in service as well as feeling quite bitter about the manner in which I was informed, via a simple text message.

Before waiting on the call – an announcement said that Virgin Mobiles call centre were unusually busy and it could take up to 20 minutes to speak to someone.

The text message reads:-

“From 28/4/08 mins and txts will not rollover. From 23/6/08 mobile internet in the UK will cost 0.2p/kb, not 0.5p. See virginmobilepeople.com/300300 or call 789”

This will anger a lot of customers especially when the decision has been taken to inform customers by text message, I think its very arrogant and rude for any company to change a significant part of their service and then inform their customers by Text message.

When I actually managed to speak to someone – I was reassured that customers will be informed by letter but this is little consolation, as customers get told via text message first hand – this was poor communication on Virgin Mobiles part.

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