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Virgin Media Tech support Free to call from June

# 21 March 2008, 07:33 by Cable Forum

In light of BT’s move last month, when they stopped charging its broadband users calling Tech support, we have heard from internal sources that Virgin Media are to follow BT’s stance and from 1st June 2008, VM BB customers can call their tech line for free.

Although when we say ‘Free’, the good news is that should you be calling from a VM phone, there will be no charges, the bad news is, non-VM phone customers still have to pay via dialing a 0845 number which usually gets charged at local call rates.

Something else which some might consider bad news is that call waiting times could increase, as the premium rate call used to discourage large volumes of callers phoning in with items that weren’t supported. The obvious result of free calling is that call volumes will increase.

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