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Beware: Virgin Media E-Mail scam doing the rounds

# 13 December 2007, 10:21 by Cable Forum

Not really a news item but more of a warning to all Virgin Media customers with an ntlworld.com e-mail address. An eagle eyed forum member noticed a strange e-mail sent to them this morning, which appeared to originate from Virgin Media. The e-mail asks the recipient to send their email account ID and password. DON’T send anything….

Just discard the fake e-mail.

The scammers have even tried to authenticate the e-mail by including the Virgin Media logo.

The e-mail reads (Note the unprofessional grammatical errors):

Attention: Ntlworld Subscribers,

We recently discovered that your email address or someone’s email in your Group is been used in sending bulk mail suspected to be spam or fraud related letters. You are hereby advised to forward Your Email ID & Password to us for Verification of Your email Account.

If this is not completed by 20th December, 2007, we will be forced to delete your email account, as it may have been used for fraudulent purposes. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause and appreciate your Assistance in helping us verify & resolve this Matter.

Thanks for Your Co-operation

Ntlworld , Customers Care Unit.
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An VM inside source has confirmed the scam and strongly advises to discard the e-mail immediately – The matter is being brought to the attention of the VM executives.

Did you receive this email? Let us know by posting in the current discussion thread.

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