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Virgin Media off net IPTV system delayed.

# 28 November 2007, 12:51 by stuart

VM’s IPTV project has apparently been delayed. It looks like Virgin Media’s plans to expand their DTV service have been delayed, and they are not expected to enable their IPTV service until at least 2009.

As part of their recent change in focus, Virgin have delayed (and scaled back) their plans to make most of their Digital TV service available off the cable network via IPTV.

The service, which was to offer both linear channels and On Demand content has apparently been put back until at least 2009, according to the article in The Times.

If true, this is unfortunate, as it would have bought VM’s DTV service to a far wider audience, at a fraction of the cost of installing new cable. It would also be in line with VM’s stated aim of concentrating on Broadband. However, the source of the info must be borne in mind.


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