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Keith Monserrat gets ntl comms job

# 1 May 2004, 07:17 by Frank

Cable company ntl Group has appointed telecoms veteran Dr Keith Monserrat as its Director of Communications and Policy.

Monserrat, who is well qualified for the job, has 20 years of strategy and regulatory experience in the telecoms and technology industries.

Mr Monserrat’s appointment is one that could possibly help the company, given his previous experience. ntl’s former director of director of communication’s, Tim Ryan, is rumoured to have left after ntl decided that his position was “no longer required”.

However, the tagline “The Complete Communications Company” has recently been dropped after being ridiculed in the last two years.

As CF is a website that encourages communication between cable companies and their customers, we hope tha the appointment of Keith Monserrat will be a sign of future improvements to come. Monserrat has also served on a number of government and Oftel committees, and has contributed to the public debate on internet content regulation.

Chief Executive of ntl Simon Duffy, who will be Monserrat’s new boss at the company’s base in Hook, said: “For the past 20 years he has been providing advice on strategy and policy for a number of major telecommunications and technology companies, and is therefore very well equipped to help us ensure that ntl achieves its business objectives.”

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