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Virgin Media to launch channel Virgin 1 in the autumn

# 8 August 2007, 13:25 by Cable Forum

Further news that some people might not be familier with. News about Virgin Media’s new channel, Virgin 1, was released today along with the cable companies second quarter results of 2007. In the autumn, VM will rebrand their Freeview channel, Ftn, to Virgin 1 and significantly increase its programmes budget. Virgin Media also say, Virgin 1, will also be available to Sky viewers.

So what programmes will feature on Virgin 1? Virgin Media state ‘The Riches’. Which stars Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, ‘The
Sarah Connor Chronicles’, inspired by ‘The Terminator’ movie franchise and Virgin 1 will feature plenty of episodes from the ‘Star Trek’ franchise.

Of course, Virgin Media’s strategy is to maximise their advertising revenues and they will have the potential audience to do that with Virgin 1, being available on all major platforms. A much bigger audience share than say, Sky One, for instance, which as we all well know by now, isn’t on Freeview or cable tv, at the moment.

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