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First details of Virgin 1 shows emerge

# 16 June 2007, 20:09 by Gavin

First details are beginning to emerge detailing the programmings for forthcoming VM channel, Virgin 1. Virgin Media have acquired the rights to The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The entire Star Trek franchise and The Real Exorcist.

VM have been busy acquiring the exclusive rights of top, first-run shows screen on Virgin 1, which will debut in the autumn. It will be available to VM, Sky and Freeview. The purchased shows include:

The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a Terminator spin-off from Warner Bros, follows the mother of John Connor as she fights off another rise of the machines.

The Star trek rights include the entire Star Trek franchises from The Next Generation to the Enterprise, produced by CBS Paramount. That alone weighs in at around 624 hours.

The Real Exorcist, produced by Pilgrim Films (makers of American Chopper), is the first direct Virgin commission from a U.S. independent film company. The show follows America’s top exorcist, the Reverend Bob Larson.

The Leo Houlding Project from UK independent production company Ginger Productions, in which extreme sports star Houlding “gives an adrenalin rush to people in serious need of excitement.”

Virgin 1 has a total budget of around £40m to spend so plenty more top-quality shows should be added soon.

Please note some of these shows are named by their working titles and may change prior to being broadcast.

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