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Virgin Media to scrap the V+ charge?

# 24 May 2007, 12:55 by Gavin

Virgin Media have announced plans to review their V+ charging structure. This follows an announcement by Sky recently to scrap their Sky+ charge.

Virgin Media have recently announced in Broadcast magazine that they intend to review their V+ pricing structure. Chief Operating Office, Neil Birkett has said that a pricing change is imminent, but hasn’t clarified whether he intends on altering the charges, or scrapping them entirely in line with Sky.

V+ is a personal video recorder, and allows customers to digitally record and store programs. It also allows customers to pause live TV, and rewind to review live TV they have missed. The current charges are £10 or £15 depending on the TV package the customer has

Last week Sky announced that from July they would be scrapping their Sky+ charge to all Sky TV subscribers.

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