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Virgin Free TV being offered to non cabled customers.

# 2 April 2007, 11:00 by stuart

Virgin have launched a Digital TV service for non-cabled customers today. The service is free with their up to 8 Meg Broadband with Talk Anytime phone service.

Today, Virgin launched their free-tv service to non-cabled areas today.

The service includes access to over 40 TV stations, and 25 Radio stations.

It will also include access to Interactive content, as well as technical support.

The box itself is quite sleek (at 19cms x 9cms, it is about the size of a VHS tape), and, being from Virgin, is black. It also comes with a stylish remote, and remote extender (so, you could hide the box in a cupboard.

The service will be free to any non-cable customer taking the up to 8Mb ADSL service together with eh Talk Anytime phone tariff for £19.99 a month. For customer with just the 8Mb service, a £40 one-off fee is payable.

Philip Snalune, managing director of non-cable at Virgin Media, said: “Launching a basic TV service into non-cable areas enables us to expand availability of our quadplay of broadband, phone, mobile and TV. This is just the first step and our aim is to offer more advanced TV services in all areas throughout 2008.

“The digital switchover is just around the corner and we can now offer consumers across the UK a simple and low-cost way of making the digital leap, even if they can’t get cable services.”

If any customer should require more than one box, Virgin will sell each customer up to five.

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